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2023 Summer Sports Camps

C You in the Major Leagues Baseball Camp


June 19-22, 2023
9th Annual Camp led by former Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore
9-14 year olds

Click here for details and registration - 
still a few open spots in the 12 to 14 year old division
Registration for the Dayton Moore Camps opens at 8 am on Feb 9.

Half Day Summer Sports Camps at The J

Work on skills and have fun this Summer under the direction of knowledgeable coaches dedicated to helping young athletes develop their sports skills.  Athletes will be divided by age/skill level as appropriate.  All camps below are half day.  Registration links can be found at the bottom of this page.  Next Level Camps have a full day Sports Camp option as well as options for early care Click Here for more information and registration for full day.  All camps take place at The J.

$155 per session / $105 with J member discount
*4 day camps Tue-Fri with a reduced fee

$10 off for the 2nd and each additional camp session
$25 cancellation fee for cancellations up to one week before camp start date.
50% cancellation fee for cancellations within one week of camp start date.

Questions - contact Bob at 913.981.8005 or [email protected]

Dates Camp Grade-Fall 2023 Time Staff Contact

May 30-June 2*    Summer Blast Off Baseball Camp   3rd-6th          9:15-11:45 am                  David Steinman

May 30-June 2* Summer Blast Off Volleyball Camp 3rd-6th 9:15-11:45 am  Kenna Hall

May 30-June 2* Summer Blast Off Basketball Camp 1st-4th 9:15-11:45 am  Bob Hennecke

June 5-9       Next Level Soccer Camp        3rd-7th          9:15-11:45 am               Mitch Martin

June 12-16 Next Level Baseball Camp 3rd-7th           9:15-11:45 am                 David Steinman

June 12-16 Next Level Volleyball Camp 3rd-7th           9:15-11:45 am                 Kenna Hall

June 19-23 Next Level Basketball Camp  3rd-7th  9:15-11:45 am   Bob Hennecke

June 26-30 Next Level Football Camp  3rd-7th            9:15-11:45 am                 Mitch Martin

July 5-7 July Jam Basketball Camp 1st-4th  9:15-11:45 am  Bob Hennecke

July 5-7  July Jam Volleyball Camp  3rd-6th 9:15-11:45 am  Kenna Hall

July 10-14     Next Level Baseball Camp        3rd-7th           9:15-11:45 am                 David Steinman

July 10-14  Next Level Volleyball Camp    3rd-7th              9:15-11:45 am                 Kenna Hall

July 17-21 Next Level Basketball Camp 3rd-7th 9:15-11:45 am  Bob Hennecke

July 24-28 Next Level Football Camp    3rd-7th             9:15-11:45 am                 Mitch Martin

July 31-Aug 4 
          Next Level Soccer Camp 
         3rd-7th            9:15-11:45 am                Mitch Martin

Aug 7-11 Last Blast Basketball Camp  1st-4th   9:15-11:45 am   Bob Hennecke

Aug 7-11 Fall Kick-Off Soccer Camp 1st-4th  9:15-11:45 am  Mitch Martin

Aug 7-11 Fall Kick-Off Football Camp  3rd-6th  9:15-11:45 am  Mitch Martin

Aug 7-11 Fall Kick-Off Volleyball Camp 3rd-6th 9:15-11:45 am  Kenna Hall

Aug 7-11  Fall Kick-Off Volleyball Camp   6th-8th  1-3:15 pm  Kenna Hall


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